Past Games

In this game the Messy Witch's cat ran away and ended up in a dungeon full of guards and dangers. Will the little witch be able to rescue her kitten and escape without being seen?
Repare a sua reputação como melhor robô lutador ao vencer seu adversário no ritmo do batidão. -- Repair your reputation as the best fighting robot by beating your opponent in the rhythm.
Augmented Reality party game for up to four players where the last ghost standing wins. Transmit your kinectic energy to the other players to knock them oout of the arena.
An artificial intelligence gained conscience and laser eyes so it became a threat to mankind.
A follow the leader game... IN A PENTAGRAM! Play at night, with the lights off to improve the game experience.
Its a game that the player have to solve puzzles. Based on the thema of this year, the history is based on the view-point of each character of the game, and transporting itens between them.
Have you ever thought about your food's feelings? In this game you will see your diet from a quite different point of view. Pinko, our lovely glutton hero, has the hard task of eat health foods to avoid a heart attack, however he must eat something to keep running for his life. The game controls are quite simple. use the space bar or the "X" key to jump while Pinko run to taste food on his track.