Past Games

Welcome to Cosmic Wave, a music experience for Vive! You're a cosmic rockstar and only your music can save the galaxy! How to play *Hold the controlers as you were holding a guitar. *Strum
A VR game for Google Cardboard about guiding and being guided through a hallucinogenic spiritual journey.
"We made an "assymetrical cooperative mashup of shoot'em'up and platform-management" game! Ever wondered what happens inside a shmup spaceship? You know, when you get damage, collect power ups, grab a bonus...? Well now you can see it - and play inside it! So, if you take the role of Moustaccio, you have to grab the Power-ups that are delivered to you, and feed them to the machines that'll give your giant robot boosts, or ammo for different weapons! Any damage the robot takes may destroy the machinery, so you'll have to use the repairs to fix them. If all 3 machines are busted, the game is over. As Billy Robot, you'll have to destroy ships, avoid taking damage and collect whatever powerups appear on screen, so Moustaccio can provide you support. We built this game for an arcade we are building, so the idea was to get 2 players working together and shouting at each other. I think we were very successful on this task "