Past Games

You are a little sentient fire trying to save your home from yourself!
Vocally Driven Puzzle-Point and Click filled with clever dialogue, ridiculousness, general befuddlement, and lots and lots of mustaches.
Take control of two small time developers whom are easily distracted by the allure of internet memes.
Waves of evil waveforms are attacking from space. Equipped with her wavebooard, Eva-W must surf the waves of space to destroy the invaders' base!
Silver Echo is a stealth game where you are in a mansion and you must escape with out getting caught by security patrols or turrets.
Two players work together to generate waves, move the dinghy, and collect points. Use the left and right alt keys (or the A button on two gamepads) to make waves and jostle the dinghy.
You have forsaken Poseidon, God of the Sea. You and your crew have failed to pay tribute and now he will only accept your lives as recompense.
An ancient being of the deep, you were disturbed by a group Greeks returning from war. As punishment, you must catch their boat and feed upon them.