marc beavan

Past Games

Inspired by PipeMania (a puzzle game developed in late 80s by The Assembly Line for the Amiga/Atari ST)... The network of pipes have been destroyed after a drilling accident caused whilst building
Protect your home from the relentless pounding of the sea and its quest to tear down sea walls and flood Guernsey's coast.
Spread throughout and conquer the host network. The goal of the game is to transmit your virus from node to node and completely occupy the host network, overrunning the other viruses attempting to
Get as many fishes to join your shoal as possible. Avoid islands, whales (navigate by sonar) and fishing boats.
You are a groom, stuck on herm, post stag do and need to get back home in time for the wedding. Can you get there in time, and can you get back with all the wedding gear????