Past Games

There is someone at the door, but where did you leave your keys? Developed in 48 hours (remotely!) as part of Global Game Jam 2021.
Silent Mafia is a four-player game of detective VS mob, in which suspects must use charades to collude while the detective connects evidence in his virtual reality office.
A game about pangalactic politicking. 10 Players get together as alien emissaries of the Sevenhundretandfortysecone pangalactic annual Congress of Emmissaries.
Stroll & roll around a round world with Orange Boris, the ouroboris Game Jam game. Created by Kate & Paul, plus Jasons Thomas & Thompson.
You play as a lost moose trapped between two conflicting worlds. The player must reach the Great Spirit moose in the sky whilst keeping track of both platforms and enemies in the different worlds. The game is loosely based on 'Visual Extinction' which is a neurological disorder characterised by severe impairment in identifying two or more visual stimuli displayed briefly at the same time.