Manuel Kugelmann

Past Games

You are in charge to control the new extraterrestrial, 10 billion $ rover. Plan ahead and the rover will execute your commands after they are transmitted. But be aware of the rough surface.
Steer a Raven on a SineWave based Path along an Obstacle Course. Control the sinus curve with your mouse/finger position on the screen. Increase the amplitude on the y-axis and the wavelength on t
About a boat on a river. 2 Players have to plan - "What do we do now?" - to navigate the river with rapids, rocks, enemy turrets,...
Local Multiplayer Game with different goals for each player. To win you have to look beyond your own perspective. Best played with four friends and controllers.
Cyclic world, cyclic seasons, forever. \ \ Great Music!
You have tolerated the human race upon your face for thousands of years. And they only thank you by polluting the air, oceans, and the very earth itself, as well as destroying nature wherever they go. But no more! It is time to unleash your rage and wipe the humans off your face with natural disasters!