Past Games

Revolutionary zero click gameplay! Spectate beautiful creatures eating, multiplying, evolving and dying.
Racing game on ETH blockchain
Duck is always hungry! Touch the screen, make a wave, feed the Duck! Beware of suspicious things.. Designed for iPad, works everywhere.
You are great God Of Fire, though these little humans fail to recognise that and keep bringing sheeps to sacrifice for dumb god of waters. It's time to act and get sheeps you deserve.
VR world exploring game with a twist ;)
Much colors, such exitement! You are brave young colorblind doge exploring world. Follow your doge heart and discover true beauty of the world. Unlock the rainbows!
You are in panic. Your ego is shattered into many small pieces. Unfortunately your ego is a living thing so putting everything together is a challenging task. Keep calm and glue yourself. P.S. game needs webcam
Spheres vs Cubes MMO
Unhealthy food addiction leads nation to super size explosion and actual extinction. You are minister of health affairs and your goal is to save the nation.