Past Games

A short, but hopefully sweet, puzzle game about fixing things. Also, we slept, ate and exercised during development! (Please see the Protip diversifier!)
"What home means to you" is a board game about the work of an interior decorator who helps a family build their dream house.
Game about TRANSMISSION of secret messages in prison.
Godzilla was jumping on a jump rope to get fit for the summer. Sadly, the waves caused by her jumping thrashed New York!
A local multiplayer game about chickens and metal concerts. And death. And brutality and violence. But mostly about chickens. One player is one of the chickens. Another player is metal-dude.
DTMWTD is a game about teamwork for two players, designed for the Oculus Rift.
Observer Effect is a twisted logic puzzle platformer, where personificated particles and crazy quantum physics cross paths.