Past Games

You are in the head of this human now.
Rescue the victims by sending transmission signals in the near environment.
3D Racing game with infinite procedurally generated waves of road-attributes. Each waves has either speed ups, obstacles or innocents which may occur.
We introducing the new game genre "SHOBA" (Shamane Onslaught Battle Arena) Where two Shamanes fight with their casted Creeps to win a battle . Cast your creeps using your ritual of endles
In the game Bad Trip the player jumps into the role of a drug addict, who is escaping from a rehabilitation hospital. It is a 2D side-view jump & run game with action and puzzle elements.
This game will be developed in the context of our Master Project PrIMA ( and shall be played on a multi-touch table. The game is based on Edgar Allan Poe short story "The Tell-Tale Heart".