Past Games

The drunk man is running!! 酔っ払って強くなって終電まで全力疾走!! ◆宴会に出席したサラリーマンが、いつの間に終電ギリギリに。 ◆左上に表示されているカウントが0になったら、終電が発車してしまう。 ◆それまでに全力ダッシュで駅に着け。
Title:LoveShoot! This game is "Love Talking for a girl, by the shooting". There is some words on boxes and balloons. These come from upper, you should shoot! If you can clash these on love-words, a girl will be feel happy. But if you clash these on bad-words, she will be angry.
Welcome to the Black Galaxy! This game is quick speed running action in Galaxy. You enjoy Speedy Maze
(Japanese title: スクイッグ・ワール) Bunch the Squigs together and click to clear up the screen! (スクイッグを集めてクリック、画面を大そうじ!)