Past Games

A game about spinning physics of two meteors beating pointies. Literally nothing more. How to: LMB/RMB to spin Space to swap WASD to move
- You control a 2nd generation MEGA-Tricycle, and is tasked to search for the underwater sunken 1st generation lost MEGA-Tricycle - You have to fight against waves of Drycycles, an organization that
Momoro-chan, your clubmate, has lost legendary recipe somewhere in the school that she was going to use to win the club event! You are tasked to look around in other clubs to help her find it.
Oh no! You and your spacer friend is being chased by rogue space pirates! Maintain and repair your spaceship long enough to escape from certain DEATH!
A Powerpoint game for repairing yourself during Global Game Jam 2020
Play as two types of employee in the Ministry of Mass Media, where you are tasked to "repair" the mistakes of your beloved country by educating the masses.
It is 2098 and you have been invited to the ANNUAL LASER BALL. But lo and behold! Your laser gun has been broken!!!
All the badminton park in the world is gone...for some reason, You are a Hobo that lives in The Last Badminton Park, A huge influx of badminton players are now invading your home, You are SICK of i