Past Games

At the start of the game, there are many players of many different colors. You are one of them. Every player can convert others to its color by shooting at it.
Lead your Ploum-Ploum through this dangerous world all the way to safety. Transmitting what you learned to your peers will be your greatest weapon!
Color Mess is a fast paced game when you control a character overwhelmed by a swarm of colorful enemies.
Textual Novel créé en 48 pour la Global Gam Jam. Dans un société où les jugements sont expédiés en 15 minutes, incarnez un juge et pesez le pour ou le contre d'une affaire d'homicide.
The Silent One is waiting. Praise be the Silent One. The Silent One is your friend. Do please the Silent One.
An Aztec and an Inca want to be the master of the World ! The one who kill the most Miku babies rules the World !