Past Games

Androids abandoned on a failing ship in deep space band together to find their home and creators.
A cry in the dark wakes you from your slumber: “Help me! I’m so alone. Is anyone out there?” You come to your senses but see nothing but darkness. Are you blind?
Use soundwaves to locate and then destroy the enemy!
Make the cave paintings dance correctly to the beat!
You and your companions have reached the hiding place of the crystals of power, but as soon as you entered your "friend" turned on you and wants them all for himself!
When we are out in the world, we see ourselves in those we encounter and modify that assumption through our experiences. There is an aura of perception around you.
"Zombies! Don't Panic" is a single-player isometric action-survival shooter similar in concept to Left 4 Dead. Try not to panic too much. If you panic too much, you're dead. A number of things in-game cause you to panic more. Try to get to the other hospital on the map before you die (and the zombies eat you). Lucky for you, you can shoot them. ------------- Left-Click to move around the map. Press the spacebar to fire to where you're currently pointing. Your health ("Panic Meter") is indicated by the pulsing glow around you and the heartbeat sound. To find the other hospital on the map, go in the general direction indicated by the green arrow around your character. Press the 1~6 keys to change weapons (you have infinite ammo of everything): 1 = Pistol, 2 = SMG, 3 = Shotgun, 4 = Flamethrower, 5 = Rifle, 6 = Bazooka!
All the humans on the \"Torus\" space station are dead. The forcefield sterilization program's gone haywire and is incinerating everything as it sweeps around the station. As the only droid left that hasn't gone rogue, you must escape the station!
Your experimental ship must fight off the alien horde.
Panda Commando was on duty when the bombers started clog the canal's docks with crates. Being a commando he can kill with anything, so why not defend the docks with oranges?
A mad scientist has planted a chemical bomb in the sewers below city hall. It consists of two chemicals which explode when mixed. Use your nano laser to destroy all of one chemical and stop a deadly CHEMICAL REAXION! Survive until the bomb squad arrives.