Magdaleena Bellabimba

Past Games

The Influence of Dusk. When it gets dark, everything feels different. -- Kun tulee hämärä, kaikki tuntuu erilaiselta.
The Witch needs a familiar by her side! Which one will she choose, Para or Mara? The Witch spits paranvoi (Para's butter) and maranpaska (Mara's shit) that Para and Mara need to avoid.
Little Mirkka is missing at the cruise ship Salmonella. Help Mirkka to find Lars Lamantiini, the mascot of the ship. But do it before the info desk gets you!
A therapy game. Just another day at the reception.
Bompemau has left the building and there's a Bompemau shaped hole in your heart. Can anyone ever replace him?
You're it! :)
A game about Alvar Aalto, the famous Finnish architect and designer. Aalto means wave.