Past Games

First person flying simulator connected to a smart watch playing an mp3. Terrain maps are built by the music with enemies needing to be shot down.
Bloody Toys is an arena battle game with Twitch interaction.
Retro arcade battle that will have you cooperating with your friends, and then it'll have you shouting "What do you do now?!"
Split Personality Adventure
Two fat guys are about to have a heart attack, but only one can be saved. This is a two player game where the objective is to beat the other guy to the operation room to save yourself at the cost of the other player.
Control a planetary system by throwing asteroids at the planets, enriching them with water, organic material and minerals. But watch out, not all planets react equally well to the same combinations!
fight the green legions in this eternal fight to amass points and gloat over your friends at how awesome you are.
Snake is reborn in the 3 dimension however this time, you are on the menu. This is an older version, an updated version will be added if possible
A heart wrenching journey of death. Feel the unbelievable finality of extinction.