Past Games

You are a zombie, able to exist in both the land of the living and the dead, charged by your lich master to prevent the teens invading his mansion from leaving before midnight!
Jim Sock has it all figured out; great partner, solid gains, a subscription to Men's Sock Monthly. He has all the comforts of a routine suburban lifestyle.
Craft pear moonshine during the era of Prohibition and try to earn enough money to enter high society!
A game about past and place. Mend fragmented memories, and find home in those who share space with you.
You are the captain of the Bronze Empress, an airship that was once part of a vast fleet.
The game is really about finding yourself and fitting into society. Can you keep up with a crowd of fans doing the wave in rapid succession? Why are two roided grannies knifing each other?
Guide Lumby through the rituals of his life, growing and learning along the way.
Play a virtual augmented card game where you have to outwit your opponent while avoiding other obstacles to be the last colony standing.
A cooperative maze game in which the two players have different perceptions. The trap finder can see and avoid traps in the maze, while the key holder can find the keys to deactivate the traps.
Find the heart of the maze, combining both visual maze and an invisible maze.
You are a Hoop Snake.
Defeat the enemies of punk and take down the establishment! Save punk from death!

Hearty Games