Past Games

Little chill game about changing a barren site into a lush garden where little creatures can live.
WiP Game is still very much not a game, but time is over so i will put my pen down for now i may continue to work on it later... updates should be posted on my twitter @Lurils
A wise Master is trying to reach the temple of offerings to pray to the God of knowledge, but on his road there are many challenges, each with its own unique way of overcoming.
A culinary game where you end up making a pact with a evil recipe book, and now you need to combine the right ingredients to satisfy his hunger, otherwise he will eat you.
"Totem Defense" is a tower defense game where the player has to prevent twisted dark monsters from getting past the main character.
This game is a dating sim, located in Curitiba with many characters, each one with different types of gender and orientation. Sorry guys, since we wanted to put a lot of local references and accents,
Simple Platformer with mechanics that change dependign on how the player plays it.
It's a simple default fighting game. The relation with the theme is the special move of the characters(bongo, train and thunder) that were our interpretations of the "sound". PS: You WILL NEED a Xbox Controller(2 would be great too ;D). PS2: I'ts almost finished, except for the character selection and the sprites (Orthello 2D just fucked up everything... Don't use that.)