Past Games

N3-VR is a first-person puzzle game.
Gather ingredients from distant themed biomes to find the long lost recipe.
You're in a room filled with lost objects from all over the place and is tasked with retrieving items for clients! The faster you find items in the storage room the higher score you can get!
You are a robot in a long-abandoned Junkyard. It's been too long since your last service, and you are gradually degrading.
In this world, Internet is power and you will control it on a global scale! Manage your growing International-internet-super-conglomerate during its rise to power!
That damn DJ has brainwashed the audieance and more importantly wont stop that god awful music its up to you to shut him up ONCE AND FOR ALL
Help Cthulhu bake using the pathetic mortal that summoned him!
Appearing within a randomly generated labyrinth the player must explore facing challenges and collecting friends. Challenge too tough for you? Sacrifice your friend instead.
The player travels through the web's most popular sites, but what will these sites show about them... Each website gives the player several options, some more kosher than others.