Past Games

It's a busy day at the city apothecary and your customers seem to want everything! It's up to you to brew all the potions as fast as they come in... or be turned into a cane toad.
reseeding (ˌriːˈsiːdɪŋ) verb (gerund): to sow seeds in previously fertile ground, to maintain or sustain something homophone: recede, to pull back or draw away You've been having tr
Tune up your pizza making skills with Pizza Fix! Pizza Fix is a musical multiplayer collaborative game where players team up to repair an unnamed pizza shop's failing reputation.
Foehn is a game about wind and plants.
Helio is a VR universe sandbox game where you are the center of the universe. Borrow some light from the sun, toss planets and dodge asteroids - the galaxy is your playground.
February.8324 is the most annoying synth you have ever met. What happens when you can achieve perfection?
The President of The Future has been kidnapped by techno barbarians and is to be executed.
Jessie embarks on a perilous journey to retrieve the missing night light! #ggj14
Dark Organism is a top-down survival horror game where the player plays as a cell trying survive inside a beating heart. The environment is pitch black with a small hit providing the only light source. Finding power ups attaches an additional cell to you and you can use this cell to destroy nearby waves of cancerous cells.