Past Games

PTBR: Na vida, muitas coisas podem nos arrastar pra baixo. Ter um bom equilíbrio entre mente e coração é essencial.
Cego por poder, o incrível mago Albus é amaldiçoado para toda a eternidade ao tentar dominar, simultaneamente, a magia das luzes e das sombras, estando fadado a perambular por aí na forma de crânio de
In a fantastic tribe, the player must fulfill offerings to the gods and demands of the population before they run out. But can you balance needs and popularity with the population before the god'
Um Board Game onde reinos devastados por diversos motivos, tentam se restabelecer.
A space old amazing crossdresser needs to rediscover his identity through past memories, through minigames.
An adventure of the three ages. Try to solve the puzzles in order to save the old man from the apocalipse.
Doctor Dolphin is absorbing the human's vital energy to save the world from the last global disaster. Doutor Golfinho está absorvendo energia vital dos humanos para salvar o planeta do últim
Glory Monk and your awesome destiny.
The game "Abduzidos" is a 2D-platformer game in which the player has to run from an alien trying to abduct him. Based on the theme given for the game jam this year, in case of an alien tryi
An escape game in the perspective of a blind girl.
Minimalistic sensorial arcade game. Don't let too many circles stack and keep the rhythm! Runs on any web browser that supports html5 (recommended google chrome or chromium). For the optimal experience, use headphones. Open the arrhythmia/index.html and ENJOY. HOW TO PLAY: RIGHT and LEFT to move. UP to leave the circles.
God observes that the earth is corrupted with violence and decides to destroy all life. But Noah "was a righteous man, blameless in his generation, [and] Noah walked with God," and God gives him instructions for the ark, into which he is told to bring "two of every sort [of animal]...male and female ... everything on the dry land in whose nostrils was the breath of life," and their food. (Genesis 6 and 7).
The main character, who is clueless about guitars, is playing in a gig. The player's mission is to help in his stage performance, so the character's movements correspond to the playback of the original song.