Past Games

Intercept your rival trucks in this game inspired by real events.
Platformer that consists on controlling two characters that are in two different dimensions, both move and jump at the same time but they can be de desynchronized to handle hazards that are on differe
Eres el director de un colegio que está hundido en una crisis debes decidir que vender y que devolver entre las cosas que se decomisan a los alumnos. Solo es un demo del sistema de diálogos.
Haz reparaciones de todo tipo. Algo hay que hacer en la vida ¿No? En este juego harás todo lo que tus clientes te pidan, aunque algunas veces puedan pedirte cosas que no tengan tanto sentido.
In the year 20XX, every city in the world is extremely polluted and the industrial factories had dominated all the remaining natural landscape, provoking an insane outrage of illness and dangerous tox
Don't let your guest break your stuff, keep an eye on them! Click them to stop them!
This one is about a bonfire that must repeat the patterns of its neighbor to archieve communication from the ancient world.
You are a satelite, and you have to recieve the signal for transmit to the world. Control the signal and not explode for too many signal!
You are the first person to become sick from the newest deadly virus the year 2018 has to offer.
Your ship is losing control over your engines and you, the captain, need to find the right timing to change gears so you don't crash into the walls.
You are a spaceship and you have to evade the black hole`s waves.
Do you ever wanted to be a Microwave? It's your turn to make your dreams come true. A bizarre minigame made using Game Maker Studio 1.4.
Futuristic sidescroller, very mystic and ritually game. Better played in Android devices and High-resolution desktop monitors (or a Ritual may fall on you).
Bizarre adventure game, imposible to enjoy.
It is time for you, El Presidente, to give your passionate speech, and allow the people to continue to show you their love and their support, but make sure you don't mess up Señor Presidente, for