Luis Medina

Past Games

Ayuda a Toadie a acabar con las criaturas del underworld!
Things are going to be Bananas!
A game about saving the world by finding missing people across history
An adventure where you can help the people of the Catia city to find their lost cats.
The God Apollo has taken away Orion's powers, darkening the stars of his constellation. Now Orion has to defeat the servants of Apollo to return the light to his stars and regain his powers.
An art deco adventure of a robot that wants to repair the world and follow his dreams.
It's a game about clicking on houses.
A tower defense game. You play as a wizard, that is currently being attack by enemy goblins.
El abuelo de Agatha desapareció de manera misteriosa y fue dado por muerto.
Join and dance with the flow of your favorite music. Hit the coming waves with the right color in order to survive the funk.