Past Games

Duality between cat and mice. The rocket destination is the planet “croquette” but laboratory mice (used by the cat to experiment alien food) managed to break free.
After a disaster that decimated the planet, only the sumotoris survived thanks to their legendary resistance! The law of the strongest now rules.
Embark on a space journey with your strange crew. Life on board the ship (named R.O.A.D) is not so calm and quiet. During the travel so many attacks can happen... You have to fix the machines befor
Rebuild your house to enjoy your home! Push the glowing cubes and the key to unlock your house before the other players, in this fantastic multiplayer local game! Up to 4 players, alone or in teams.
A colored fluid is transmitted in the wall machine...
You are a voodoo master and you must sacfifice chicken to please Mawu. You can do so by collecting enough points or being the last one alive. Playable only with controllers.
What do we do now? Participate to the Bluff Fight Show! On wich player will you bet? What do you do with the TV presenter? The winner is not the survivor but the one who makes the good choices.
Multiplayer game where players compete to score the most points by collecting a sacred object and destroy other players. Be a demon to hunt angels and be an angel to collect the sacred object and evo
COMING SOON AVAILABLE ON THE APPLE STORE !!! - The hero's heart was broken because his princess was kidnapped. You must travel the world to get back the 4 fragments of your heart. To do that, you will cross the 4 seasons and be careful because an weak heart will risk a heart attack. Will you succeed in finding your season's heart ?