Past Games

A tiny game where you roll dice, use them to activate skills, and hope to survive the winter. The game isn't super deep, but it's meant to be a bit challenging.
Tiny game about repairing items using glue and paint. Made in around 10h.
Small narrative game with tiny pinches of resource management about building a home in a barren wasteland.
"Sail the seas and carry her words" You only need a mouse to play this game.
///////// BOOTING UP SYSYTEM ///////// ​ Loading BioWaves Software. ver 3.7. /help biowaves is a software designed to help you carry out complex wave surgery.
A deep adventure about Caronte (The boatman). Help him to get the redemption of one of many souls (F for fullscreen)
"12th Dungeon" is an asymmetrical maze-coop game.