Past Games

This is a collaborative/versus 4 players game where each player controls a rowing on a wacky boat and needs to coordinate with the other player on the team to win the race by dodging obstacles and avo
Multiplayer game for up to 4 players, where druids have to convert totems to their side, using a super button smashing ritual.
The game is about a magician who liberated an horrendous monster by mistake and tries to defeat him, but first he will need to chase him riding his dragon.
A multiplayer climbing race where the characters, a gross form of life, compete in a deadly race to survive while an acid flood threat to dissolve them.
You are in a ship that needs planet's energy to fly, so you have to jump from an orbit to other in order to avoid running out of hydrogen (blue bar). But be careful, you could dry the planet out of energy (orange bar) and it'll explode. The mouse click is the only control you have. \ \
This is the story of a cute T-rex running for his life avoiding a meteor rain. The player has to control each T-Rex step in order to run as fast as possible being careful about the obstacles.