Past Games

ES/ Es un juego 2D de puzzles con elementos de suspenso. Una particular noche en el manicomio nuestro heroe se debatira entre la razón y la locura en su interior, debiendo escapar del lugar antes que
When we were kids, almost all of us went through the terror of getting lost in a supermarket.
You have to run away from a boss while he is shooting you. A drone will appear and you must click on it to receive parts of your body Controls: Up arrow to Jump A, D to repair yourself
[ENG]The goal is to save your furniture from a flood, by placing it in your inventory.
Demostrale a los pibxs como se hace un pogo de verdad.
English: The events begin with your character falling to the depths of a castle, where you will find various enemies and setbacks to rescue your family, your only help will be your voice to perceive
This game is about 2 prisoners who try to escape from jail but are chained together, the problem comes when policemans and another prisoners makes them the things hard to get. Your only way to defend