Past Games

Play cooperatively, one player with keyboard as the programmer, and the other player with the mouse as an artist.
Help jumpy reach his goal in this family friendly retro video-game :)
An intrepid explorer looks to find the remains of a long lost civilization. What secrets will he find? What mysteries will he uncover?
This is a game about a person who is close on gving up her life, but takes a treatment to feel better.
This is the story of a homeless dog trying to find some food and a home.
You play as a alien, convert all the humans and rule earth.
S.C.A.R.E.H.E.A.D.S. Totem Turbo! Battle with your friends! and play our game afterwards.
We all have rituals. We're all used to do super simple everyday stuff every single day and we develop a process to do them without even thinking about it. Everyone does it.
Local multiplayer RTS game for mobile! Command hordes of Exigys and give them orders when they ask you "What do we do now?".
Prepare yourself to forget everything you knew about videogames! Now live is a game about points of views and perspectives!
Is a First Person game about exploration, you found yourself in the middle of a room and you must discover what happend there.