Lucas Fernandes de Oliveira

Past Games

In this local cooperative game, two vampires must help each other getting into their respective castles.
Your village has been stolen by moles, they have hidden all the electronics in their holes. Try to find and return them to their owners!
People bring dying plants to be repaired in your "Emergency Room" or "Plantency Room". "Planta Socorro" is a pun in Portuguese that joins the words "Pronto Socorr
Protect your home against as many waves as you can Proteja seu lar contra as diversas ondas que vem
This is a game about a demon cat working for the evil Cathomet! Use the arrows and spacebar to transmit bad vibes to the happy Dog Village.
Utilize a sua bela voz para atrair os pescadores para o fundo do rio.
The game is about helping animals to atract their partners.
Puzzle adventurishh
Pt-br: Agarre seu destino e cumpra o ritual usando das runas magicas para subjugar seus inimigos e conquistar a liberdade. Eng: Hold to your fate and do the ritual using the magic runes to subjugate
Do the same thing, and more
Who are you? Where are you? What should you do? Why should you do? Who should you be? /////////////////////////// Arrow keys for movement, Space bar for actions.