Past Games

This is just a single tic-tac-toe game…… OF COURSE NOT! This is a RealTime Base Party Game. In this game you must spawn your “Duality Coin”, if your coin’s amount is bigger ,you claim the block. W
玩家要在有限的空間內快速穿梭,根據不同狀況挑選正確的工具修復場景。 螺絲會隨著跟怪獸戰鬥而鬆脫,玩家必須分工合作,拿起工具,一人轉螺絲、一人修水管,將其盡快修復。
從人類邊殭屍,你家變成我家的故事。 小女孩的家園被一群壞人佔領,為了報仇而將所有壞人變成殭屍
you are a fan club leader here. You should lead your clubmate to make a human wave when superstar get out the car. Try to cheer up every superstar you love! 在頒獎典禮,你身為明星粉絲團團長,你的責任是帶動現場氣氛,為了能夠與大明星互
There are three ways to describe the sound,.