Past Games

Follow Kite's adventures in search of his bones!
A co-op game in which two platelet team up to heal the wounds of a very clumsy individual.
Home is the place where you hate your neighbor.
A dying world, mysterious trees sending cryptical telepathic messages, a story to be unvcovered following the actions taken by the player. What lies behind the mysterious Eternal Tree? And finally...
1-VS-1 GONG-MATCH - Constantly hiding in the shadows two Ninja trainees have to beat each other tricking their rival in getting hit by a gong soundwave!
Two tribes battle each other using evocated golem controlled by Gamecube bongos (or controllers)!
[#]WHAT[#] A multiplayer-driven infinite runner in which players, who move eyeballs colored differently, have to pass the control to each other to jump\cross over hurdles.
Heart Attack is a 2-Players game. The old man (Player 1) has a weak heart and just want to take a walk in the park. Player 2 just wants to let his heart to collapse. Such a bad person, Mr. Player 2...
A puzzle game that involves a fluffy animal who has to break free from a cursed, yet beautiful mirror he bought from a traveling salesman