Lorenzo Valente

Past Games

This an online competitive multiplayer game were you and your friends are a druids looking for your Soul Wisp in the Lys Forest.
Sometimes you must rebuild barriers to make a perfect world… The world is not an easy place, El Canon is the last enemy. Can you beat IT? Make The Wall Great Again is a local multiplayer 3D game.
A brawl game about hermit crabs that fight each other to dominate the beach
Multiplayer Arcade game - Connect your Energy Core to the enemy one to make it vulnerable and shoot it down! To control the game open your smartphone's browser, go to AirConsole.com, insert th
Come amante di sposa fedifraga dovrai fuggire da un marito tornato inaspettatamente a casa, trovando un passaggio sicuro dal talamo sino alla porta di casa! Gioco strategico a turni 3D dalla visuale

Hearty Games