Past Games

A co-op game for two players where you can experience what it feels like to repair and rebuild your home after a long war. In remembrance of the many women ("Trümmerfrauen") which helped
When two people meet, some things may change forever... Among Silhouettes is a cooperative game for two players sharing their keyboard.
Turn your opponents into members of your own faction. Spread the disease. Take over your enemies! TAKE OVER THE WORLD (as a virus)!
A VR-Experience in which you find your way through the dark with a sonar.
Have you ever had one of these days when you just should have stayed in bed? Sten Li is experiencing exactly one of these days.
One day, Benjamin Bighat woke up finding himself and his cute dog Colonel Thunderbelly lost in a dark maze. To escape it, he has to solve some riddles. But wait, something seems wrong here.