Past Games

Some things in life are just a llittle bit off. Your nerves d eserve better than the cringe of than the cringe of chaos and dedederangement. You deserve the satisfacttion of tidying it all up.
I'm in Search of a Body. A Body to Call my Own. If You Find my Body: Will You Please Let me Know? A Body. A Body. A Body to Call Home. A Body. A Body.
O cérebro é cheio de ligações, e em cada TRANSMISSÃO neural, a cada onda cerebral, uma memória é armazenada, acessada, transformada e esquecida.
Jogadores devem manter as ondas do cardiograma de seu paciente funcionando enquanto tenta prejudicar os outros jogadores com power-ups.
Gender : Arcade / MiniGames / FunToPlay Plot :The player is sucked into his television, and ends up in a game show, with a crazy host.
Experiêncie a jornada de Sir Coffe Bean, enquanto ele aprende a ser um grão melhor. Experience the journey of Sir Coffe Bean as he learns to be a better grain.
Fearless is a side-scroller platformer game, with stealth elements. Your character is running away from a dangerous prison, where the prisoners suffer with horible methods of torture. They have implanted a device on your character's heart, so you can't get too much excited (heart beating fast) nor too much calm (heart beating slowly) or else the device will kill you.