Past Games

[WARNING : AZERTY Friendly] Harden your Bricks to beat the mega Evil duo : Ball and Paddle ! You will have to play with ALL YOUR KEYBOARD KEYS !!!! Will you survive ALL THE LEVELS ???
A 1-4 Party Game where you have to find lost Magical Orbs before the others ! Works better with gamepads. We tries ML Agents annnnnd we failed rather spectacularly.
Print the single page material and play with your phone in this Augmented Reality Game ! You are the manager of a Lost & Found office for haunted objetcs in the virtual ghost realm. Help ghost
Short Coop Physics-based game where you play two weird creatures (Han & Ma) stuck in one hammer.
"What Home means to you ?" Home is cosy, home is family, home is brotherhood. Home is playing with you sibbling in your bath while your mother is carefully watching you.
You want it? You hack it! With one of your dude, hack the system!Break into your bank account and get rich! It's a 2 player coop game, 1 with the hacker's secret techniques book and the o
Dot is a small ocean creature who begins its journey an early morning. She will be amazed by discovering all the beauties of the nature by herself.
Cooperative HIVE Game where player order cultist to organize them in order to proceed to powerfull ritual bringing massive power.
Aster Koifé is the creole translation for "What do we do now ?". Incarnate a group 2-4 players, take the decisions that will impact the last EPIC battle.
Avarice, Gluttony, Lust, Laziness, you don't see things are they are, you see things as YOU are. Find the way out, don't lie to yourselves or trapped forever you shall be !