Past Games

In our third person explorer-puzzle, a robot must traverse an abandoned town in an attempt to fix the power plants dotted around while simultaneously keeping himself from falling apart!
Control a viking who finds comfort in the thrill of battle. In War is Peace, feel at home battling the children of Loki. Support for any gamepad.
Heat of the Moment is a 4-player multiplayer game in which teams of 2 must work together to shoot a flaming ball into the other team's goal.
Prism is a 3-D puzzle platformer wherein the player must cycle through various wave lengths of light in order to traverse the Prism Tower and uncover its hidden secrets.
Bastet is born under the ancient Egyptian God Ra. In order to become the true Goddess of Cats, Ra has set her off on a journey to perform a ritual with the elemental ancient runes!
Joe has worked the same job for the past ten years. A job where they physically locked him into his office and demanded the most mundane tasks upon him.