Past Games

Shoot the Whales by clicking on'em before they hit the surface, or they'll make your boat sink. Move your boat by pressing the A and D keys.
Hit the circles and maintain the touch to charge the relic and score. If you miss one or if you are too greedy, you lose. Still full of bugs, and totally not optimised. Done in 24h.
Spartards is a turn-based strategy versus game, set in Antic Greece. Each player controls a hoplite, and the last one still alive wins ! Except, your hoplite only obeys you with a 2-turns delay.
Mirrored Love is a runner game made with AS3, where you control simultaneously two lovers running in parallel worlds. As you collect bonuses with one of them, you make each other's heart beat and spawn more and more bonuses. Due to their jumps being synchronized, one of them may end up stuck behind the scrolling... Watch out and keep them both alive ! [This game offers a one-button gameplay : Spacebar to jump !]