Past Games

First ever unreal project. In VR.
TransMission is a RetroWave side scrolling runner game in which you are on a mission to make a trans person feel better after they've had a bad experience, like many trans people everyday.
Complete your potion RITUAL by rocking out on a NES GuitarHero guitar. Quick time event game for the NES with a hacked Guitar Hero controller!
In a world with a lack of human hearts available for transplant... One man is trusted with delivery... That man... is John Tarmack. A gameboy game! Originally this was meant to be some sort of racing game with twisting roads (think F-1 Race on gb) but the platform was trickier than first anticipated. Please see last year's submission from us, Infinite Space, a 3D space survival game on the MegaDrive! GGJ 2012 submission, Infinite Space: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22KR2-DOCPw
MegaDrive / Genesis original game in 3D. Avoid incoming obstacles, stay alive!