Leonardo Tagliaro

Past Games

Have you ever entered a room or opened the fridge and forgot what you were going to do or get there?
As a little Goblin, help your boss CybOrc get repaired and prevail in fights against the heroes, all while dodging their and your boss' attacks!
Sandbox game about building your own home. Bee a bee!
WARNING: If you have epilepsy, DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME. A vibrant game about captivating the whole party with your wild dance move skills! HOW TO PLAY: Share your dance moves with people to make
A platformer fighter where subwoofers use sound waves to knock each other out in a flying cyberpunk arena.
Fight against your friends in a shaman battle to death! In this game, each player has to cast elemental spells to attack the opponent, while defending himself against the opponent attacks. Instru

Hearty Games