Past Games

Two Great Oracles, masters of astromancy, split off due to a disagreement but, the prophecy still continues. Each Great Oracle must find the missing piece to solve the prophecy, revealing the syzygy.
In the dark depths of the abyss, necromancers wage war, vying for dominance in their quest for immortality.
The Demon Still Haunts You is a single room narrative driven puzzle about facing one's fear.
A hand building game where player's organisms battle and mutate to try and be the best. (If war was a deck building game)
Support or fight truths desired by outside organizations. Your actions help the determine the truthiness of topic at hand.
Space Swarm is a 2-4 player card game of galactic domination. Players take the role of an alien overlord.
Summary: For 2 to 4 players.
Potion poise is a game alchemist’s play to prove they are the best.
Welcome to Spellcraft Shuffle! The game of whimsical challenges and arcane rewards! Every wizard needs a day off to kick back and put their magical toes up on their enchantment tables.
A fantastical abstract strategy board game where fairies are trying to capture mystic shrubs that grow in the ever changing landscape which morphs to your imagination.

Hearty Games