Past Games

You have been tasked with renovation this house. Now, get rid off all the old stuff!!! Throw all the furniture before the time runs out.
About a shaman ritual trying to save a lost soul.
Neanderthal Survival Game about keeping your population alive as long as you can. Beware as these uncivilized folk tend to eat their fellows!
Ever dreamed about becoming a delivery guy for the local pitta store? Well, I know you did and now here is the chance! Grab the delivery tray and dodge reckless walking people to deliver to the fart
A puzzle platformer set in a maze and it's reflection, which one can be seen and other can be climbed. Decide your way up in Light side and climb it at inverted side!
With the new advancement in medical technology now doctors can cure their patients from inside of their bodies. All your patients has different sicknesses. Gotta cure them all! Play the game from https://dl.dropbox.com/u/5181305/op_treatment/index.html.