Leandro Ariel Lomonaco

Past Games

Roberto el plomero tuvo un accidente y quedo atrapado en las alcantarillas. Tienes que arreglar los agujeros para que no se llene todo de agua.
It's a AR City Building game. You gota scan the floor, a table or any surface surface till you get the grass foundation.
Its a game about trying to get as much viewers for your KKTV Channel.
The game it's about a tibetan monk and a dragon who wants to scape.
In Ritu&AL: Burning Man, you take the role of Ritu, who have to build Al, the Burning Man.
Somehow you wake up in a house and realize, you can't see. The objective is not clear and you have to find out... what will you do now?
bullet hell SHMUP in which you gotta switch the camera view to avoid being overwhelmed. If enemies are real, its just a matter of perspective