Past Games

Home is safe. Home is a place to return to. To reset. Through our existence we build our home. It serves as a launching point for grander and grander adventures. But we can always return to Home.
Decipher an alien language to help them out.
A throwback to the good old days of adventure gaming. Help the princess find her scepter. Click to make the character move. Once you're close enough, you can click objects for results.
Explore the world with a dying heart you have to keep recharging
The year: 2012. Our insatiable thirst for Direct TV and reliable GPS devices have put us in a bit of a situation.  \ \ After decades and decades of irresponsibility, we now have tons and tons of space junk continuously floating around our planet. What is the most responsible way to deal with this problem? \ \ The same thing that we do with all of our problems, launch them into someone else's backyard.