Past Games

A crazy Japanese game show about two cubes tied by a rope that have to collect coins and and comically avoid getting hit by stuff.
This game requires a microphone! It will also work if you use normal earphones (like the ones you use to listen to music on your iPod), because earphones can be used to record audio as well. You need to place the microphone to your chest. If you can't do that, just put it in your pocket. The game is played with a microphone strapped to your chest. The microphone will listen for your heartbeat. The goal of the game is to drive an ambulance that is transporting your heart to the hospital for a transplantation. The speed of the car is controlled by heartbeat. There are 3 lanes to drive through, which you can go through by pressing up/down. The player must keep a certain pace, otherwise, he/she will be caught by Death, who is chasing the ambulance. If you go too fast it will be difficult to avoid obstacles on the road.