Past Games

Repairing is the art of making things whole again (or, even, for the first time). Often, this happens by matching pairs.
Is Home Where the Heart Is? Yes, but it can also be Where the Heart Goes! In this heartwarming-themed puzzle you'll have to move your home and heart to make them combine and earn points.
There's a permanent laser beam coming out from your eyes, following to where you look. You have to kill as many WAVES of Red Glowing Bad Guys as you can!
CAULDRON OF ELEMENTS is a real NES 8-BIT single-player prototype! Match the falling Elements on your Cauldron to keep the ritual going. But be careful: it is not as easy as it would seem at first!
"Hunt or Run" is a 2D Platformer Arena Multiplayer-Only NES prototype. The idea behind it is that each player has a role that flip between them over time and time again.
A child plays on the park, but his mind is away on his fantasy world. His father follows him to protect him, warning him about the real-world obstacles, absent from the child's mind.
Joseph is a badass data security guy. His job is to ensure the terminals data safety. In order to do so, he needs to EXTINCT all the viruses. Sometimes he uses his "Evil Look" to terminate all viruses on the screen, or his "SUDO" ability to restore damaged terminals.

Hearty Games