Lanhellas Gabe

Past Games

Find the missing cats and bring them to "The Box".
The bard lost his music scores after a evil mage's tornado attack on a group of heroes nearby and you must help him collect his lost songs! Inspired on my personal story where my father lost h
Mothership: Rescue is a space shooter with a little bit of tower defense where a mothership is in danger and as a space ranger, you must protect her from enemies horde and help to repair before it exp
EN: An co-op game base on helping each other repair pieces in a factory, you need to pay attention on the colors to use each tool wisely and optimize your time coordinating your actions with your part
Um jogo estilo tower defense feito para dispositivos de realidade virtual como oculus rift, uma ideia nova no meio das Games Jam. Estilo Tower defense seu objetivo é se defender dos zumbis com rostos
Our Home is about a tribe which gets poor because of a strong blizzard, caused by a nordic god. They must travel on a journey to find resources, survive and stablish a new base.
It tells the story of a boy who's home have been destroyed, and he, with the help of a friendly giant turtle, take the remains of what was his and set forth to reconstruct it piece by piece.-----
One day a 16 year old named John was doing a project on his computer and an unknown email. Where he was with a certain link, he ended up clicking on it, and at the same time he was drawn into a sense