Past Games

EN ---- The world was covered by a dense darkness that brought death to the living, cold where there was heat and darkness where there was light.
Ajude o josé! Ele não sabe o que fazer...
A mecânica do jogo é baseada na cooperação entre os dois jogadores, onde a ação de um personagem influencia diretamente na realidade do outro.
Help Gustavordo survive on his desperate situation! His heart doesn't work too well unless He keep consuming greasy food. Run along collecting bacons in order to balance your heartbeat. The more you eat your heart pulses! But careful to not eat much, or your heart might as well explode! Some teapots will eventually appear to calm you down. Use them wisely, as their can either save your life, or completely stop your heart! And of course, be careful not to fall on any bottomless pits!
One day, one of the most fearfull witch has come to the kingdom, and tried to destroy the King's Castle. For that, she summoned the Evil Dragon Tengshe and started a battle with the knights. After many death in the battlefield, one man stood in front of the dragon, and without any hesitation, he jumped into his head. \