Laird Cheng

Past Games

遊戲背景是在監獄,身為典獄長的玩家必須防止囚犯破壞監獄逃脫。 The background of the game is in prison. Players are wardens who must prevent prisoners from destroying the prison and escape.
《塊塊大亂鬥》是一款多人同樂的 Party Game !! 2 個玩家使用鍵盤,另外 2 個利用手機 App 作為控制器,各自操控自己所屬的方塊。 方塊會一直往箭頭的方向前進,玩家可以左右旋轉和衝刺,吃到金幣和把對方推下平台都可以得分,最後得分最高的就成為方塊王囉! This is a party game for family.
A game for four players!! Plot: Four seniors in university struggle to upload their projects on time. With WIFI acting weird in the dorm, Four of them have to fight for it.
In Taipei Metro(MRT), as a public environment, there are several rules to be considered as local customs or impolite behaviors. That also be called common sense.
Design conception : Let us escape the room together! Two players must work together to clear the stages!