Past Games

----The Ego and Shadow, locked in parallel, work together to navigate the Lunar cycle and the challenges it brings.
Oh no! You have lost your beaded necklace during your ride in metro on your daily way to the office.
The laborious chore in the game form - "re-pair"ing socks in a big pile of washing. Throw the socks by dragging them and match them.
What home means to you? For us home is colorful and full of books. In our local multiplayer coloring game, you will enter a very special coloring book.
Fondue the cat is given a magic milk flavoring straw, but she doesn't know how to use it.
Collaborative multiplayer game. Two cats (Luna and Stella) try to escape from moving block waves by jumping. When any of them dies, the other one can pick a heart and can respawn his/her friend.