Past Games

A point and click game to escape the room.
A lost ghost in a unexplored planet, your ship dropped in this this planet, and you need to help him to collect necessary supply to repair your ship.
Kill Them All Coop Multiplayer Shooter (LAN e Internet): A terra foi desolada com cataclismas climáticos, que culminaram na elevação do nível dos oceanos. Os melhores cientistas foram enviados p
Protect your eggs!
Space Wars is a game that base the game play on player play style. If the player moves a lot, he will gain speed upgrades and armor downgrades.
Heart Quest is a game in 2-D, where the player is responsible to get a little robot to take a needed heart to the surgery room. The concept behind the game is that, when it comes to Heart transplants and donations, time is on of the most precious things. The game starts with the robot at a room, carrying the heart through the hospital, due to an electricity breakdown. There are puzzles the player shall pass through to get to the room, lightning up several generators on the way there. If the players fails to do it in time, the patient will die. The game can be played through gamepad or keyboard. Hints will pop up on the screen to help the player.

Hearty Games