Past Games

AC Onyr is the ultimate dating device. It will suggest you witty and clever things to say when you're on a date.
Quiet little things Need your voice in the wind Sonic waves and good will
Anheuristic is a game about a dying world. This is your chance to make something beautiful. The world will appreciate it. Enjoy. Use WASD (or arrow keys) and mouse to move around. Discover some little stuff. Walk around while you can. Esc on the start screen to quit the application.
Follow the rhythm of the Universe in order to live your life, die and reincarnate into a superior being. Reach Buddha and set the hamster free.
This is the last birthday on earth. You can survive as long as you can extinguish all the candle creatures. Year after year you grow older and older.
"Donkey Island" is a very simple non-game about the negative effects of exploitation of natural resources. Starting as a trivial "resource management" game, it turns out not to have any positive ending, nor and ending which could be effectively influenced by the player. The game's main goal is to stimulate critical thinking about some current issues.